Sided Tape

We offer a wide range of double sided tapes suitable for any job.

We pride ourselves on being able to supply the right tape for the job 100% of the time. From fingerlift tissue to high tack polyester tape we can supply just what you need. If you need any help choosing the right tape for the task please do contact us. We’re more than happy to help 

What are the seven things to consider when choosing a self-adhesive tape?

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General Purpose

Sometimes applications are quite simple and for this we have a range of general purpose tapes that simply stick one surface to another permanently. Talk to us about your requirements and we will recommend the most suitable product.

Foam tape and pads

We have a wide range of double sided foam tapes available in both roll and pad form. We can cut to suit your particular size and shape requirements.

High Tack

If you need a double sided tape with a bit more bite, perhaps because one or both of the surfaces being joined is in some way “difficult”, or perhaps there is heat or cold involved, then ask about our high tack range.

That Red Stuff

Yes folks “That Red Stuff”. The rolls of double sided tape with a red film liner that you use when nothing else will do. 397F is our version of this. Ask for a quote and a sample.

Transfer tape

Transfer tape is double sided tape without a carrier i.e. it is a strip of adhesive on a liner which transfers from the liner to a surface when it is pressed down. We have a range which includes Euratrans rolls for use in ATG dispenser guns

Perm/Peel tape

Clever stuff! One side permanent, the other removable. Ideal for putting up temporary window posters. Available in rolls and discs.


Now we don’t want to get technical but this stands for “Very Sticky Tape”. We have a range of foamed acrylic tapes for exceptionally demanding applications. These include tapes to permanently bond metals, glass and a range of plastics both indoors and out. Let’s talk about your specific requirements.

NEC approved carpet tape

A double sided tape for sticking carpet tiles to exhibition floors. Approved by the National Exhibition Centre for easy removal after the show.

High tack polyester

We have a range of tapes with a fingerlift edge to aid removal of the liner. Although there are standard sizes and products almost anything can be supplied in this format. The edge size can be made to fit your particular requirements.

Glue dots

We supply glue dots on a roll in both permanent and removable formats, in three sizes; small (5mm), medium (10mm) and large (15mm)

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